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Background: About us

FUSTERIA CANO is a modern, innovative company which boasts over 25 years’ experience operating in the world of decoration and furniture production. Our project began in a small workshop in the city of Figueres and has grown to become a company that combines the latest machinery and materials with a great showroom dedicated to design and the creation of new spaces. The expansion of our manufacturing facilities has enabled the company to increase our range of cutting edge machinery that truly sets our work apart. Moreover, the showroom space has recently been refurbished and fitted out with our own products and leading brand furniture, creating a specialist store with a broad range of products for you to enjoy.

360° service: ensuring your satisfaction

The multidisciplinary team at FUSTERIA CANO is the cornerstone of the company which allows us to offer you an integrated service from consultancy and projection of a blend of your ideas and ours, right through to assembly and installation, always ensuring the perfect design that adapts to your tastes and specifications. The work of our decorators and technicians lets you see the end result of the project so that it can be perfected in order to achieve a unique product just for you, a space that is exclusively yours. Over our many years of experience in the sector, we have had the opportunity to collaborate with outstanding architects and interior designers on complex projects, with successful results that speak for themselves: from custom-made furniture, private residences, refurbishments and industrial premises to overall turnkey installations. Moreover, we have a space where professionals in the sector can exchange knowledge in terms of the materials on the market now and in the future, as well as developing professional agreements.